United Way's mission is to mobilize the caring power of communities for the common good. For over 130 years, United Way has brought together leaders in communities to solve problems in a non-partisan manner. Engaging citizens and encouraging them to be actively involved in their communities is at the heart of how we advance our mission. 

Today, our role is even more critical than ever. We know that it takes engaged citizens, working in good faith, from all sectors – community, business, labor, government and charitable – to improve the quality of life in our communities. Elevating community voice is fundamental to solving our nation’s most challenging community problems and helping people become active, engaged and empowered members of their communities is critical to creating strong, healthy, equitable and resilient communities. 

This is why we are committed to expanding participation in our democracy. There is a deep connection between participating in community life and voting. Voting is how we express our hopes and dreams for our shared future. It is also the most fundamental right for all American citizens, upon which all other rights and liberties depend. 

United Ways in California and across the country have been mobilizing people to vote and be champions for their communities for years, and this year we are activating our network to increase our efforts. United Way is well suited for this work given our presence in in virtually every county and town. We are already working with the communities most in need through the direct services we provide. At a time of low trust in government, we are also trusted to engage people in participating in the political process and making their voices heard. 

We are in the business of bringing communities together, and during these trying times, when so many resources are targeted on driving our communities apart, we must do what we can bring more voices to express their view of the common good.

Accordingly, we commit to leveraging our assets, partners and investments to make certain that voting is safe, accessible and fair nationwide. In particular, we fight to: